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'Golden Spangles'
'Apple Blossom'
'Peter Pan'


Camellia Societies

American Camellia Society

Camellia Society of Modesto, California

Camellia Society of Sacramento, California

International Camellia Society

New South Wales Camellia Research Society

      NSW 2020 Newsletters—May,  JuneJuly, August, August SupSeptember, October

      NSW 2021 Newsletters—February, March, April, May, July, September

      NSW 2022 Newsletters—February, April, June, July, September, October, November

      NSW 2023 Newsletters—March, April

      NSW 2024 Newsletters—February

Southern California Camellia Society


International Camellia Register


Photos of Camellia Blooms

Camelias Flavius

Camellia Encyclopedia, American Camellia Society


Dr. Hubert Linthe's Kamelienseite/Camellia Index A-Z


Jim's Camellias

Sazanka, the Flower of Autumn Sun


Portland Gardens with Beautiful Camellias

Lan Su Chinese Garden, Portland

Leach Botanical Garden, Portland


Portland Japanese Garden

Tea Company & Farm

Minto Island Tea Company, Salem—Oregon-grown organic Camellia sinensis for small

batch-crafted tea. 

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