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'Hakuhan-Kujaku' (Peacock)
"Lady Vansittart'
'New Moon Rising'
Positions in
Oregon Camellia Society 2022—2023

President:  Collier Brown

1st Vice President:  Kathy Lintault

2nd Vice President:  Susan Haywood

Secretary:  Garland Bayley

Treasurer:  Martha Ragland

Directors 2020-2023:  Denis Dooley

                                       Brady Sheets

Directors 2021-2024:  Grace Bayley

                                        Jewel Walters

Directors 2022-2025:  Greg Anderson

                                        Irene Lewis

Head Propagator: Collier Brown

Historian: Grace Bayley

Membership Chair: Susan Haywood

Newsletter Editor: Garland Bayley

Program Chair: Kathy Lintault

Chinese Garden Liaison: Denis Dooley

Japanese Garden Liaison: Garland Bayley

Newberg Show Organizers: Denis Dooley

State Director to ACS: Brady Sheets

Web Design/Editor: Kathy Lintault

Thank you to Martha Ragland, Collier Brown, Garland Bayley, Robert Herald, and Larry Landauer for contributions to this website.

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