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How to Find that Special Camellia


One of the advantages of being an OCS member is the opportunity to buy unusual camellias that have been propagated by our members. A member often has early access to sales at the Newberg Camellia Festival and other special events. Also, our summer picnic is famous for its camellia auction.

Nurseries in the Portland area

Al's Garden Center, various locations near Portland

Cistus Nursery, Sauvie Island

Cornell Farm, Portland

Dennis' 7 Dees Garden Centers, various locations around Portland 

Farmington Gardens, Beaverton

The Gardener's Choice, Tigard

Garden Fever, Portland

Loen Nursery, Sherwood

Portland Nursery, two locations in Portland

Xera Plants, Portland

Mail-Order Nurseries

Nuccio's Nursery, Altadena, California

In business for over 80 years, this famous camellia nursery offers a huge selection of camellias and azaleas, listed in a small but thorough catalogue. Providing outstanding service, this nursery ships its camellias to Oregon, bare-rooted, surrounded by peat moss. Camellias shipped to Washington do not require bare-rooting or California Department of Agriculture inspection; consequently, the shipping charge is lower. If visiting the Los Angeles area, stop by the nursery, returning home by air with camellias tucked in your suitcase (or if you are camellia-addicted, in more than one suitcase). By car, fill your back seat and more—just don't let the camellias overheat.

Camellia Forest Nursery, Chapel Hill, North Carolina

This east coast mail-order nursery offers over 500 camellias and other shrubs and trees. This nursery provides excellent service, its camellias are healthy and well-grown, and its shipments arrive in good condition. Request its informative catalogue. If visiting North Carolina by air, camellias can be purchased at the nursery and packed snugly in a suitcase for the flight home. Camellias will happily travel cross country by car if the weather is not too hot.

Gossler Farms, Springfield, Oregon

Only a couple of hours from Portland, this exceptional nursery lists 11 desirable camellias in its catalogue in addition to many unique trees and shrubs. Visit the nursery or order by mail. Gossler Farms is often present at garden sales events around Portland.

Woodlanders Nursery, Aiken, South Carolina

Founded in 1980, this nursery specializes in rare native and ornamental plants. It lists 23 camellias, some of which are available through the local and mail-order nurseries listed above, but a few hard-to-find camellias might catch your eye.

Wilson Bros Gardens, McDonough, Georgia

Founded in 1989, Wilson Bros Gardens is an online plant nursery started and still operated by professional nurserymen and twin brothers Brent and Brooks Wilson. A large selection of camellias is available. Free shipping is included.

Nurseries with Companion Plants for Camellias

Sebright Gardens, Salem, Oregon

This nursery focuses on hostas, ferns, and epimediums but also offers a few camellias.

Northwest Garden Nursery, Eugene, Oregon

Hellebore Open Garden Days in February and March. Check website for exact dates.

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