'Colonial Lady'
'Julius Nuccio'
'Red Crystal'

Virtual Camellia Show

The following camellias are divided into seven flower forms:

A. Single

B. Semi-Double

C. Anemone

D. Peony Form

E. Rose-Form Double

F.  Formal Double

G. Higo

Also, at the bottom is a section, Can You Identify?  Have you lost your camellia's label? You can submit a photo of an unidentified camellia and anyone can try to come up with its name. Use the CONTACT US form, give the camellia's ID number and the suggested name. Then possible names

will be added under the camellia photo.

A. Single
A1  'Full Moon Rising'
A2  'Yume'
B. Semi-Double
B1  'Spanked Baby'
B2  'Nicky Crisp'
B3  'Lasca Beauty'
C. Anemone
C1  'Shikibu'
C2  'Jury's Yellow'
C3  'Tinsie'

D.  Peony Form

D1  'Debbie'
E. Rose-Form Double
E1  'Spring Festival'
F. Formal Double
F1  'Donnan's Dream'
F2  'Nuccio's Pearl'
Heading 6
Heading 6
G. Higo
G1  'Ohkan'
G2  'Mangetsu'
H.  Can You Identify?